Beginner’s Guide

  1. Open the Web page, and click on the button “Login“.
  2. Enter information on the account page: You need to fill Username, Email address, and password.
  3. Click ReCAPTCHA.
  4. Click the Button “REGISTER” and the specified page appears, you need to improve your information after registration.
home page mobile
login page

You can place an order without an account, and select the option “Create an account” on the Checkout page before you go to complete the payment.

create account on the checkout page

1. Search for the products that you need. Or find the products from the categories.

Nav icon
image 1

2. On the product page, select the options and enter quantity, click the button “ADD TO CART”, then the page will turn to cart.

image 2

3. In the cart page, you can change the quantity of the items(click the button “UPDATE CART” after you change the quantity), or remove items.

shopping cart page
cart page 2
checkout 1
checkout 2